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The law of the sea is a complicated and byzantine one with many layers. Even an issue that can appear simple on its face will soon prove to be a knot of details worthy of being tied by the most experienced sailor. But we can help you untie those knots at the Law Office of Richard D. Gronna, thanks to our extensive background in assisting clients with matters of admiralty law in Honolulu, HI. Laws that cover seagoing activities and related areas are complex because they must cover and regulate commercial and military activities afloat.

Specializing in Jones Act Issues

We focus primarily on maritime law cases that come under the Jones Act. This Act controls coastwise trade within the United States and determines which vessels are allowed to lawfully engage in that trade and their operation rules. The Jones Act generally prohibits foreign-built or -flagged ships from conducting coastwise trade in the U.S.

Our admiralty and maritime lawyer, Richard D Gronna, also helps other clients with seafaring cases. At our firm, we also assist with personal injury claims for longshoremen, sailors, other ship workers, and passengers.

You can count on our firm as it’s rare to discover a maritime issue with which we haven’t helped a client before. Contact us for support today.

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Protecting the Rights of Seafarers

Many laws govern the sea, and it’s essential to ensure you comply with them all to avoid legal difficulties. At the Law Office of Richard D Gronna, you will get the best possible protection for your rights. Our team has handled many maritime law cases over the years of varying complexity and uniqueness. We’re fully prepared to represent you and fight for your rights when you need a lawyer to champion your cause. Contact our firm today.