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The legal system can be an intimidating behemoth even under the best of circumstances, but that’s especially true when you’re facing trial for a serious charge. The Law Office of Richard D Gronna provides a highly skilled manslaughter defense lawyer in Honolulu, HI, for precisely this reason. We have over 30 years of experience defending locals against both felony and misdemeanor charges and can apply this expertise to your case too. Trust us to handle everything from filings and paperwork to trial and court. We also defend related offenses like:

• Arson
• Burglary and Theft
• Robbery
• Threatening an Official

A manslaughter defense attorney like those from the Law Office of Richard D Gronna works hard to ensure your rights are upheld throughout the process. Manslaughter can be a complicated charge since there are voluntary and involuntary versions of it, and you want a veteran lawyer on your side to navigate these differences. That’s what our office is prepared to provide. Contact us today to set up a consultation, and we’ll be glad to hear what we can do for you and answer all of your questions about how to proceed.

Contact us for criminal defense in Honolulu, HI, and let us help preserve your freedom.

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